CBS NewYork | Orthodox Jewish Group Sues New Jersey Town Over Threat To Eruvs

“If the white PVC pipes on utility poles — which mark an eruv — are not taken down, Mayor Bill LaForet says he’d like both sides to come to the table and talk.”

Source: Orthodox Jewish Group Sues New Jersey Town Over Threat To Eruvs

Real property values will at the very least triple, because the Hassidim wants that community. Think about that. They move in, and they walk around with suitcases full of cash to buy homes. So much above the table, and so much under the table (and unreported as income received). Diamond merchants, gold merchants, fur merchants. Cash. Cash. Cash. They come into the community, then wait a few years and they offer big money to purchase homes. If you are thinking of selling, you can make more money, by finding out what requirements they need for a kosher kitchen, and anything else. Do it, and the house is set for them, then ask for some big moolah. At least three times above market value.

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