Candidate Set To Be First Female Navy SEAL Quits After A Week Of Training

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It won’t be long, perhaps a year or longer, but if female members of the United States Armed Services want it badly enough, they will not ring the bell and ultimately move forward to their goals and objectives.

Women would be particularly useful when talking to women in the theaters of operation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Their customs forbid women from talking to men. 

Some women will eventually qualify to be whatever they want to be once they meet the challenges and pass all qualifications.

Remember many women were key players in the French resistance, granted that was more out of necessity.

When they make the grade, this will likely end up a win-win situation for our forces and civilians on the ground when attempting to determine friendly from enemy forces.

The Washington Examinerby Travis J. Tritten Aug 11, 2017

Richard Schoenberg/Corbis via Getty Images

A woman who enlisted…

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