Zogby Analytics Poll – Trump Approval Climbing Simultaneous To Main Street Economic Gains…


Zogby Analytics is out with a new survey of 1,300 “Likely Voters” and shows President Trump’s approval numbers are climbing and now around 45%.  However, the interesting aspect of the survey is the groups showing the highest gains in approval.

It won’t surprise you to discover the strongest gains in support for President Trump can be found amid the middle-class and working population of the U.S.  Those who are benefiting the most from Trump’s America-First Main Street economic policy are the constituent group with the largest gains in support.


♦Trump’s approval numbers have moved up slightly, especially among his base and a few other sub-groups not known for their support of the president.

♦When it comes to party, President Trump’s numbers are steady among Republican likely voters; he has a 76% approval/22% disapproval rating among…

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