VIDEO MB Obama Sabotage, Sessions Closes In On Clinton Crime – When Will Lib Media to Take Awan Story Seriously?

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Eventually, there will be a trial or a plea agreement, which likely would entail Awan trading information on members of the House and the Democratic National Committee in exchange for lenient punishment

What Will It Take for Liberal Media to Take Awan Story Seriously?

By Guest Column — Jon Street and Brendan Cassell

Finally, the liberal spin machine has begun to get its act together on the story of Imran Awan.

For weeks, the mainstream media seemed intent on trying to ignore the story of Awan, the congressional IT staffer who was recently arrested on bank fraud charges as he attempted to leave the country for his native Pakistan.

Liberal outlets NBC, CBS, ABC and The Washington Post waited nearly an entire day to even report on Awan’s arrest.

The Washington Post ran a 10-paragraph story that dealt only with the charges of how Awan had misled a bank that…

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