South Africa’s Storied ANC Weakens as President Stays On — Impeachment still looms

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JOHANNESBURG — Minutes after South African President Jacob Zuma narrowly escaped a no-confidence vote this week, he was singing and dancing outside parliament with a throng of supporters from his African National Congress party.

That celebratory mood faded fast. Though Zuma survived the most serious attempt yet on his leadership, allegations of corruption and poor governance have significantly weakened the ANC, the once potent party of Nelson Mandela, observers say.

President Jacob Zuma

The ANC, instrumental in ending South Africa’s apartheid regime of racial discrimination, has ruled since the country’s first all-race elections in 1994. But its support has eroded since Zuma came to power in 2009 as South Africans have vented their frustration at the ballot box over high unemployment and a lack of basic services like water and electricity.

In a striking sign of dissent within the party…

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