Conservatives will never win power again after Brexit ‘disaster’, former Tory government adviser says

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James Chapman, a former political editor of the Daily Mail, added that Britain’s exit from the European Union could also be reversed through a second referendum in 2019

By Ashley Cowburn Political Correspondent

The Independent

james-chapman-david-davis-glasgow.jpgJames Chapman, left, also said Mr Davis had been ‘hamstrung’ by Theresa May’s red-line on ending the jurisdiction of the European Courtof Justice PA

Brexit Secretary David Davis’ former chief of staff has described Brexit as a “catastrophe” and called for the formation of a new political party in Britain.

James Chapman, who announced he was leaving his Government role before the general election, added that Britain’s exit from the European Union could also be reversed through a second referendum.

“Past time for sensible MPs in all parties to admit Brexit is a catastrophe, come together in new party if need be, and reverse,” the former Daily Mail political editor posted on his Twitter account.

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