Your Intolerant Belief System Must be Severely Punished

Jim Campbell's

We once had a big eared “Social Justice Warrior,” who failed as badly as the professor in the article below.

Fortunately for academia, the university, and theirstudents, they will not be missed with the exception of those who require being pampered in their air headed belief systems.

As things go, with no marketable skills in the private sector they will fail their way to another institution of “Higher Education,” where they will teach those who listen to them, frequently called students, nothing.

The notion it’s possible that men and women could have biological differences that could make them more inclined to pursue certain career paths shouldn’t sound anymore controversialthan women are more inclined to sit when they peethan men.
But James Damore is not the first person to lose his job for suggesting suchan idea.
In 2005, Harvard University President Lawrence Summers was forced to resign…

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