The Socialist Mainstream Media Criticized President Trump’s Choice Of Words In His Threatening Reply To North Korea

The MSM has been increasing ignoble of the president’s comments, because the MSM is used to slippery politicians carefully measuring their words to fine tune the words into what soundbites the MSM desires.
As I believe the president should polish his speaking a bit, regarding language, not that he is profane, but that he should at least be cautious, and, the president should get off of that twitter/tweeter thing, which is the main source of his headaches.
Any president not responding to open threats to attack the US, especially with unprovoked nuclear attack, should be whipped. The president is most correct in his stance, and I support a preemptive strike against North Korea, as the dictator of NK must be killed. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. The dictator is working up his beer muscles (typical “two beer Charlie” who wants to fight the entire barroom after drinking two beers), and it will in time lead to an attack against the US, incidentally, the protracted and chronic open threats to attack the US with nuclear weapons, would, at the International Court of the Hague, be lawful grounds for the US to, preemptively strike NK. Our nuclear weapons are similar and akin to Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, unified as one law, for the protection of American lives and property. Give the NK Fat Kid, a nuclear suppository.

John A Pappas

I woke up this morning to a bunch of media morons on cable all besides themselves as to President Trumps harsh choice of words in replying to the threats from North Korean nut job Kim Jong-un. Some even claimed that Trump went out on his own again without consulting with his military leadership before he made the statement. Let me tell you a little personal story of mine when many years ago I was manager of import export traffic operations and I was dealing with a lot of dock workers because of the fact I was ordering trailer containers to be hooked up to trucks for delivery and they were giving me all kinds of grief on the phone especially the language they were using. Now I’m an old sailor boy so bad language doesn’t upset me but I wanted to give them an even exchange of words to warrant…

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