The Fall of South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0 – LAND GRAB

If so, we want all the Boers here in America if they want to come over. There will be genocide in SA, and the next step would be deporting Africans.

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Mary Anne Clifton 

Vidaett: You are so right about that. The dictators of these countries have been allowed to get away with murder. What is happening in South Africa is exactly what happened and is still happening in Zimbabwe.
Julien D 
But racism against whites doesn’t exist! [sarcasm]
John XR 
Blacks are 90% of the population in South Africa but still need affirmative action? hmmm that’s interesting.
As a black American woman (who is of Nigerian descent) I must say that this information, really saddens me. It breaks my heart to finally see what African people for who they really are…savages. I’ve always wondered why there hasn’t been an African country that had the same kind of growth or success as the U.S or…

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