New York Times encourages govt officials to leak secret information – internal emails

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In an effort to obtain juicy anti-Trump leaks, the New York Times is soliciting such information from government employees, encouraging them to divulge information with the promise of anonymity, Breitbart reports, citing emails it obtained.

An email from New York Times (NYT) energy and environment correspondent Coral Davenport to John J. O’Grady, the president of the AFGE Council in Chicago which represents Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers, shows Davenport throwing bait at O’Grady, hoping he’d bite.

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Davenport goes on to promise anonymity for any leakers.

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Davenport then provides her contact information and encourages any wannabe leakers to text, call, email, or contact her on the encrypted phone apps WhatsApp or Signal.

However, she continues the email even after providing her details, brainstorming how her goal could be accomplished with O’Grady’s help.

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In an effort…

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