EDITORIAL: Trump Needs to Approach North Korea with Caution

BULL FEATHERS! North Korea, needs to be cautious, as NK has for the longest time openly threatened a nuclear strike against the US without Due Cause. President Trump, is most correct, in placing NK on notice. The sissy president with My Little Pony foreign policy is gone (BHO). America has a real president, Donald Trump. He’s not perfect, but he is a world of difference from what we had for the past eight years, and possibly since Reagan. North Korea, had better tread lightly upon the waters, or face “Fire and Fury, the likes of which the world has never seen”.

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The Independent

There is no doubt that North Korea is holding the world to ransom – but Trump needs to approach the situation with caution

Never in history has such a potential scale of destruction been in the hands of two men less suited to the task of keeping the peace


donald-trump-fire-fury-north-korea.jpgTrump has vowed to retaliate against North Korea with ‘fire and fury’ REUTERS

Terrifying, certainly, but it may be no bad thing that the world is starting to contemplate exactly what a confrontation between the United States and North Korea might look like. Whether via-long range missiles or the very short-range bombardment or invasion of South Korea; whether aimed at the US mainland or a military base such as Guam; whether nuclear or conventional, the consequences of such a war vary only in the speed at which they would lead to an apocalypse. Millions would die, more…

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