The Obama White House was involved in emails about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting spin

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  Last week, through a FOIA request, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) reported that the Department of Justice and the media were colluding over reporting the now infamous Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting during the 2016 election. The same emails which gave us this revelation also proved that the FBI lied during the original FOIA request when James Comey claimed there were no FBI emails related to the tarmac meeting.

  Now the ACLJ is reporting these newly released emails show the Obama White House was included in the email chain discussing how to spin this meeting. Here is more:

Our federal lawsuit against the DOJ bureaucracy over the secret meeting between former Attorney General Lynch and former President Clinton has already unearthed documents proving the FBI lied that it had “no” documents, that the media was colluding with the Obama DOJ to bury the story, and that AG Lynch (AKA Elizabeth Carlisle) was…

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