Maxine Waters: Racist?

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Nobody has ever accused Maxine Waters, the California Democrat in the House of Representatives of being a Brainiac. In fact, some of the things that come from her mouth are downright funny. They are things that most of us learned in first or second grade, but somehow she still gets wrong. So, when it comes to politics, you’d think that someone that has reached the national level, I mean, the pinnacle of her profession…would at least have the sense to know what they are talking about, right?


Maxine is at it again…showing up on a radio morning show to espouse that she’s interested in starting an “All Black Political Party”. Now, I don’t assuage her doing that. If she wants to, that’s fine. I mean, there have been probably a lot dumber ideas in politics than that, but if she wants to either maintain her current status as a…

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