America no longer sees Kim Jong Un as a joke

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A TV screen in South Korea shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with superimposed letters that read: “North Korea’s nuclear warhead” during a news program at Seoul Railway Station on March 9, 2016. North Korea claimed last year the pictured orb was a miniaturized nuclear weapon, a claim that was widely mocked. U.S. intelligence officials have now concluded North Korea has successfully miniaturized such a warhead, according to a report in the Washington Post. Ahn Young-joon AP

WASHINGTON Commentators laughed last year when a photograph emerged of Kim Jong Un standing next to an orb, which a North Korean newspaper stated was a miniaturized nuclear weapon. “That’s a weird looking disco ball,” joked one intelligence contractor on Twitter.

Not many are laughing anymore.

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  1. IF – IF – If they are smart they won’t. The key word is IF. Governments have been notorious for doing some stupid things, especially when the chips are down. Has it all a plan or are they that ignorant??

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