Excuse me, Mr. President

Tuesday, August 08, 2017, From under threatened skies of America:  The situation involving North Korea, or to be more specific, the situation involving an infantile North Korean dictator, I follow each day since the threats against America started being tossed around like macaroni and cheese in a school cafeteria lunchroom food fight. I laughed. I took notice, and as things heat up with now the fruit cocktail being tossed wildly, I see the bigger kids involved, including a butterball fat kid with a wicked hairdo.

China, the Russian Federation, Iran, North Korea, and probably the bribed members of the US congress, are all in it together. Why? Because they are all working in unison to apply pressure to the president and, with hopes that he will fail. The president should be advised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, if there are any patriots left on, the JCS. The WH leakers are giddy with glee. The MSM, shows their colors against the US; Jackals.

I happen to be aware of facts placed together mind mapping for a number of years, and this NK foolishness has been tallied since the beginning. I will bet dollars to doughnuts, that I can figure most of what is going on, very accurately.

Being that the threshold of taunts is being approached, has anyone in the WH thought to start rounding up any NK sympathizers? Certainly, NK, or China, or RF, or Iran, or congress (the bought), are now full fledged spies, and espionage and sabotage, are legitimate concerns. For that matter, left wing people and college educators, must also be given a look and the once over.

How is it, that a weakened US military, and leftist state government people, are going to “defend”, when they are questionable to begin with? Our military is weak, and standards lowered to the point where undesirables comprise a good bit of the military, and the leftist nuts, will do anything they can to harm America. Under advisement, Mr. President, I suggest, if I may, that the Second Amendment be unleashed for the safety of the nation. Allow, Constitutional Carry, and America will gain about, oh, possibly one hundred thousand additional saints, to look after the nation, so that no harm befalls it. If America is attacked, everyone will arm up, anyway. With states fighting Constitutional Carry, the state leadership will have to go into hiding to avoid being mob lynched. Doesn’t it make sense to arm up, people now, so that operational orders of any sort and order, can be established, under these times of open threats against America by North Korea?

You were smart in getting out of the WH, with the traitors, there. Formulation of plans and a War Room, in a more relaxed environment is wise. Something smart would be to get things going by unchaining 2A, and placing in hack, any questionable persons who might side with a dictator, and cause harm, domestically, on US soil. In fact, Mr. President, right about now, would be the perfect time to rid the Obama ammunition stockpile, by auctioning off all the ammunition hoarded, to lawful FFL holders, so that the ammo could be sold to the general public, and gear up, the true believers in America.

Failure to do so, could risk a presidency and, risk a nation, if the NK Fat Kid decides to go ga-ga, and launch one in this (US) direction. Enemies will come out of the woodwork. America has an abundance of veterans and retired people trained in both military and police fields. Don’t wait for something to go wrong.

And, while you’re at it, Mr. President, send the NK Fat Kid, a nuclear suppository, with my regards, “From: BROOKLYN”; a tradition since WW2. The other jackal nations will need to be held at bay.

You were symbolized as a Lion, in your presidential campaign, so I leave you the following as the very best advice I can offer, Mr. President:

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