JFK’ s ‘Guiding Principle’ Of Our Nation

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Bill Federer recounts brief history of former president’s faith

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

U.S. Navy patrol torpedo boat PT 109 was rammed Aug. 2, 1943, by Japanese destroyer Amagiri. PT-109 sank. Though sustaining permanent back injuries, PT-109’s commander, LTJG John F. Kennedy, helped the survivors swim several miles to shore. Unfortunately the shore they swam to was behind enemy lines in the Solomon Islands. After a daring rescue, Kennedy was awarded the Navy and Marine Corp Medal for heroism.

Though one of his brothers was killed in the war, John F. Kennedy went on to become a U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, and the 35th U.S. president.

John F. Kennedy stated in his inaugural address: “Let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

In the White House Rose Garden, Nov. 21…

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