How to win and end the war in Afghanistan

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The latest White House leaks reported President Donald Trump has serious concerns about the effectiveness of his commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson.

In this article, the leaks point to an unclear message that is flowing throughout the Trump administration.

It is particularly refreshing in that it was written by and individual with multiple tours in Afghanistan and appears that he has lost little in the way of knowledge he learned during his command officer training. (Source)

John Nicholson

Retired Army Lt Col. Allen West outlines what the Commander-in-Chief must do to clarify the mission and what “winning” is defined to be.

This is how the military plans, conducts, and completes a mission.

Pleas pay attention, Mr. President.

Colonel West further states, “Winning isn’t a tactic, it’s an end game.”

General Mattis has claimed that an additional 4,000 troops are required in Afghanistan.

Here is the battlefield calculus: For every one…

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