Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Proposals Would Make Americans Worse Off

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H/T The Daily Signal. 

Since the days of Emperor Franklin the first the DemocRats have been a bad deal for Americans and Americans.

On July 24, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi unveiled proposals by House Democrats to create “a better deal” for American families and workers.

Unfortunately, the press releases accompanying the launch of the “Better Deal” initiative outline general policies that would undermine economic opportunities for Americans and harm American consumers.

In other words, this initiative flunks basic truth in labeling standards. More accurately, it constitutes “a worse deal” for Americans.

Let’s see why.

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First, the initiative calls for “rais[ing] the wages and incomes of American workers and creat[ing] millions of good-paying jobs.”

To this end, it calls for government “investment” in job creation projects, “fighting back” against corporations that…

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