FBI: IED caused explosion at Bloomington mosque

All the federal glamor and no investigative sense, the federal Buckwheat posse, can’t piece it together:
It was a terror training session gone wrong (thankfully). But the feds run around like Buckwheat, because they are afraid to call it like it is, fearing that it would not be politically correct. The mutts in the mosque are the suspects.

Peace and Freedom

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – The FBI says an improvised explosive device is to blame for an explosion at an Islamic center Saturday.

No one was injured in the blast at Dar Al-farooq Islamic Center at about 5:05 a.m.

Bloomington police have handed the investigation over to the FBI Minneapolis Field Office, which held a press conference Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton says now that the device has been identified, the investigation is focused on who and why. He says they cannot answer the question of whether it is a hate crime at this time.

The explosion went off inside an office just before first prayer, according to Bloomington police. Members of the center say there were people inside the building at the time.

Police say there is some damage to the building, including…

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