Another black eye for Fox

The Goomba Gazette

Eric Bolling suspended from Fox News amid lewd texting scandal


If these allegations are true; what the hell is the matter with some of the High-flyers with Fox News?? Are they all egomaniacs that are too stupid to behave themselves?

The super-sleuth Yashar Ali from HuffPost said he has been working on the case for three months and reached 14 sourcesin and out of Fox News and Fox Business all having the same sad tale.

yashar-ali-huffington-post-eric-bolling-dick-photos“We were just informed of this late Friday afternoon via a HuffPost inquiry and plan to investigate the matter,” Fox News told CNN.

This is the part of the statement that gets me right in the lower gut. Bolling’s attorney told Ali that “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations…

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  1. Post Aug. 6th 2017
    1. If you want to have a black rose or any other color, please apply to Israel. Israeli researchers managed to develop/produce technology that will enable us to change the colors of various plants, flowers, fruits Etc. Due to these changes, due to the new colors, the percentage of anti oxidants will increase and it will help the immune system to protect us from the disease. This is what Israeli researchers are busy/dealing with instead of developing destruction, that we are enforced to develop due the fanatic war that the Muslims impose on us following the written in the Quran that everybody, especially Jews, who is not Muslim, must be converted. If he resists, his verdict is death.
    2. This means that the entire of the world must be Muslim no matter if we want it or not. So, let’s assume that we will surrender and convert. The Muslim world, today and many years ago are fighting each other. What will be the end of the Islam and to the people that were converted? Will they be protected/secured by the Muslim’s God in appreciation of becoming Muslim? I doubt very much.
    3. Here is a fresh example, if you need it at all, of the fight/war of Muslims against Muslims and the cruelty of their members: There is war going on, for more than 3 years, Between Jabahat Al Nusra and Hezbollah. Last week Hezbollah achieved a very big “success”: Hezbollah killed 150 Jabahat’s fighters. Following it another 7000 Jabahat’s soldiers were moved to the city of Ideliev in Syria. The question is if this is going to be the live/face of the world after/if the Muslims will win and manage the world? The answer is, most probably, yes.
    4. Israel and Palestine are very tiny. To accommodate all their people they need space. The space that both entities has is very small. So, every Sq. In. is in use. The situation is that in many cases the villages of the 2 people are close or even shacks each other. This enables common peaceful lives or the opposite. In very many cases the common lives are very successful. But in some cases this closure disturbs the peaceful lives, like in the following case: Thieves broke into a honey factory/store and took al the stock of a year’s work. The value is millions of shekels. They took everything, not just the packed, ready for delivery, honey. They took the tanks with the removed, from the hive, honey. They took also the honey removing machines and the new glasses packaging the honey. The owners were left naked with no alternative and no hope for the future. The trail of the thieves led to the near by/most closed Palestinian village that the Israeli honey producers are in deep/close relations/friendship with these village citizens. The Israelis were selling their honey to this village, and more neighboring Palestinian villages, shops. So, how the peace can be held, after/if it will be achieved at all? I am deeply sorry to say that in such a situation the peace will not hold water.
    5. In the last week refrigerated/cold storage was ignited. The flames burned everything. It caused damage of vast money. This again was done by a group of Israeli Arabs. The people of this village are very loyal and many of them serve in the army and they hold bachelor’s degree of Israeli Universities. They also serve in Gov. high positions. Not in the Gov. itself so far. But one day they will get there too. The igniters are strange to this village, but, still, they were educated by somebody. From the Quran. They are extremely fanatic Muslims. The solution is to behave to them in the way they deserve/understand-to be harder to them.
    6. The PA were asked to stop all payments to the Jihadists families. Here is how they did it. The PA head quarter in Turkey used to buy products/goods, in Turkey. It was sent to Israel and sold in Hebron shops. The money was shared with the Jihadists families. Now it was stopped after the Israeli security services broke into the system.
    7. Yesterday I visited the blog of [CENSORED]. In her blog she perform in a play in which she blames Israel for the occupation and for killing Arabs. This play is exactly the target that can be attacked. Please allow me, [CENSORED], to ask you from which stage/year you started your play? I know. From 1967. The reason is that in this year 3 Arab states, Egypt, Syria and Jordan declared a war on Israel. They failed and as usual, in the war there are many casualties and just one winner. Israel was the winner. This is history without explanations. Why you did not start your play from the year of 1965? I will answer: Because in that time the Arabs use to attack Israel and Israeli citizens, in their homes, within the international borders of Israel, that were recognized and agreed by all international institutes. Yes, the Arabs, called Fedain [sic](commit suicide), entered Israel in order to kill Israelis. They killed a lot of us. They were and still are murderers. This is the people that you support. In order to submit to your audience the full picture/truth you should add the pre 1967 story as well. But it does not suit your agenda, so, you will never tell the truth. You tell you and the Arab’s truth. But, unfortunately, this is not the truth. This is a deviation from the truth. You instead of helping the Arabs you disturb them of learning/knowing/understanding the real situation. This is very bad for you. Please check the history and learn it. I am happy that I can lead/teach stray souls, like yours in order to “repair” you and silly people like you.
    8. One man offered his colleague: Lets [sic] bate [sic]. I will throw a coin 10 times. If your choice will win I will pay you $120. If mine- you will pay me $100. The 1st one refused. The reason is that he was afraid of losing so he rejected his chance to win. But it was 50%. No ways. This is the situation in Israel. The 1st, the refusals are the Palestinians. They are so afraid of losing that they prefer not to negotiate the peace because they are afraid to lose. This is true. Their arguments are so weak that there is no chance for them to get a good resolution for them. All of it provided that the UN will be fair. If the current composition of the UN members will stay there is no chance for Israel. They can pass every resolution. In spite of their perfect position they are afraid. It is because they worry about the loyalty of their brothers that can’t be trusted.
    9. In Math. If we face a problem we are looking for the formula to answer it. There is no way that we place figures in math. Formula and it does not work. The situation in politics is completely different. Every formula that was brought in front of the Palestinians was rejected. The reason is that they want Jews to be in the sea (as Arafat declared) drinking salt water. This means that the only solution they see it to have the entire of the blooming Israel for themselves. This is the ethics of the world.
    10. In the 1st world war the French and the Germans slaughtered each other, in millions, for land. But, since 1917 there is no more fight. Why? Because they saw that there is nothing good in it. It is better to live together in peace on a much smaller piece of land. So, they split the land and the ego and live peacefully in a smaller land.
    11. This situation is very worrying. If we combine all that is written in this post we find out that this world is not controlled by any super power. This means that every bastard is a king that can behave his way. This is true for the North Korean, the Iranian Ayatollah, the Palestinians as well as the entire of the Muslim world. This must bother everybody who is looking for peace and to secure his life.
    I wish all of us peace
    In friendship


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