Donald Trump threatens to cut Obamacare subsidies

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  With the Obamacare repeal bill dead before it arrived Donald Trump is once again talking about cutting the subsidies. Here is more:

Donald Trump holds a fuse in his hands — and he could decide to light it and blow up Obamacare insurance markets as soon as Thursday.

That’s the deadline for sending out the next monthly Affordable Care Act subsidies to health plans to defray the cost of caring for low-income individuals. Trump has toyed for months with the idea of stopping the payments to force Democrats to the negotiating table to avoid the prospect of millions of vulnerable Americans losing access to health coverage.

Trump has repeatedly told aides and advisers that he wants to end the subsidy payments, and he has not changed his position, according to several people who have spoken to him. “Why are we making these payments?” Trump has asked.

  In theory…

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