Cop killed in flare up of violence in Rio de Janeiro

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© AFP/File | In a flare-up of violence in Rio, 88 police officers reportedly have been killed so far this year, 10 more than at the same point of last year

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – A spasm of violence in Rio claimed another life Monday as a policeman was shot, a day after a gun battle sparked panic on the road to the airport and prompted some drivers to seek shelter in the trunks of their cars.Rio de Janeiro police said officers were fired on during the morning shift change in a favela, or shanty town, called Mangueira.

The fatality was an officer who was shot in the head. Another was wounded in the leg. The assault was blamed on drug traffickers.

So far this year, 88 police officers have been killed in Rio, 10 more than at the same point of last year, the news website G1 said.

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