WaPo: Kill ‘Fox & Friends’ – Trump’s favorite morning show and tweets source


  • JEALOUS? Erik Wemple of the Washington Post: “Kill Fox & Friends Before it’s Too Late”
  • Wemple: President Trump takes his cues from the dreadful morning program on Fox News. Or miscues
  • The reliance of the president on “Fox & Friends,” alreadywellestablished, took on a bit more menace

JEALOUS LIBS! Well known fact President Trump likes to watch Fox & Friends, then he would shoot a tweet based on what he saw from the show, then liberal media go nuts! Repeat cycle of watch, shoot and media explode.

On July 10, WaPo writer Erik Wemple just can’t take it anymore he finally found a solution: ‘Kill Fox & Friends’. Wemple considers it a menace the reliance of  president Trump on “Fox & Friends,” an alreadywellestablished fact.

If Trump watches official fake news network CNN and official unhinged network MSNBC, no way this loony WaPo hack would complain.

Sean Hannity…

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