Oh Yeah – Latest Saudi Arabian Women Feminists Anthem

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The women rights situation and bleak record on human rights keeps the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in international news. On a global scale, audiences tend to stereotype the Saudi women as poor victims of religion: Islam and culture without paying any attention to the many initiatives that Saudi women have taken up inside their country for the betterment of women’s status and rights.

There is always a flip side to this picture for women movements in Arab world and in Saudi Arabia are increasingly growing aware of their struggles and becoming vocal in their fight for rights.

This video is the Saudi feminist anthem launched in December 2016, is based on a historically older folk song from the Bedouin tribes meaning “concerns.”

This rocking bad-ass video was directed by Majed al Esa of the Saudi production company 8ies Studios. The title “Hwages” means “May men go extinct, they caused…

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