How the hell did you do that ???

The Goomba Gazette

Trump slams ‘Russian hoax story’ and ‘ObamaCare disaster,’ hails surging stock market:

OK PDT;  should take some credit for the stock’s success. I do believe that his proactive moves have a lot to do with where the numbers are today. BUT, Always the BIG BUT; leave the Russia deal and Obamacare out of the tweets. Gotta get off of the defensive wagon.  Give them a rest.

What will make the matters even worse; IF the Boulder Rollers do come up with some improprieties by anyone connected to Trump.

There are many old saying that come to mind when I see PDT thumbing that little machine of his.

Can take a horse to water but can’t make him drink – leave well enough alone – something’s are better off left unsaid – let a sleeping dog liesilence is golden and so on.

This may sound like a preposterous story…

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