Democrat Adam Schiff admits it was not appropriate for the Clinton campaign to conspire with Ukraine during the election

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  With all of the media frenzy surrounding the possibility that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia it would be nice if the mainstream media was as concerned about the fact that, as Politico reported back in January, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee did in fact collude with Ukraine during the election and it actually did impact the Trump campaign.

  In my opinion ignoring the one story while feverishly covering the other story is proof that most of the coverage is politically motivated. If the mainstream media was truly interested in protecting the integrity of the democratic process they would be equally concerned about both stories.

  Earlier today ABC finally showed some interest in the Clinton/Ukraine collusion scandal when the network asked Democratic Representative Adam Schiff if it was acceptable for the Democrats to accept help from Ukraine and he admitted it would not be…

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