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The politicians in Taiwan bring a new meaning to word parliamentary procedures. They call it, kicking ass and taking names.

Check out the brawling broads in the first part of the video. I think they got in the best shots.

Gotta love the furniture throwing contest. We can see in the videos, they are not as extravagant with their choice of furnishing as the Big Spenders in the west are. I love the pink.


The pugilistic politicians in Taiwan are not quiet as bad as the political parasites in the USA. In Taiwan, they get off 116 days a year, while their counterparts in the Good Old US of A get off 142 days.

Kicking ass and taking names probably is a better way of settling disputes while in chambers; it beats the hell out of our long winded filibustering fools that run their mouths for hours and don’t…

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