Climate Change Australia – Jacqueline Maley’s Climate Hysterics

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Fairfax warmist Jacqueline Maley accuses sceptic Liberal MP Craig Kelly of making “outlandish” claims  and “scaremongering”.

Maley seems completely ignorant of the facts that actually support Kelly:

You can tell the coal-fanciers within the Coalition are panicked. Not content with scaremongering about rising electricity prices, they are now invoking the greatest carbon price of them all – death.

On Thursday morning Liberal MP Craig Kelly said people would die of cold this winter because renewable energy was putting up electricity prices. Both elements of this outlandish statement were baseless and wrong…

Really? There’s plenty of evidencethat says he’s right, including this:

Two hundred people, most of them elderly, will die in Britain of cold-related diseases every day this winter, according to calculations by Britain’s leading advocacy group for old people, Age UK…

The charity’s figure of 200 deaths a day follows sharp price…

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