China Air Force Says Conducted ‘Multiple’ Long-Range Missions This Week

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BEIJING — China’s air force said on Saturday that its fighters and bombers conducted “multiple” long-range drills far out at sea this week, including flying near Japan and self-ruled Taiwan, in what it said was a test of its ability to operate over the sea.

In a statement on its official microblog, the air force said its aircraft had flown through both the Miyako Strait – which lies between two southern Japanese islands – and the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan and the Philippines.

“China’s air force over the past week conducted multiple drills far out at sea, with H-6K bombers and many other types of aircraft flying through the Bashi Channel and Miyako Strait, testing actual battle capabilities over the sea,” it said.

The exercises were part of routine drills planned for this year, accord with international law and practices and…

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