Trump, 1 Year Since Bastille Day ‘Massacre’, Fight Islamic Terrorism – More Christians Than Muslims – Track Overstays

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Trump Marks One Year Since Bastille Day ‘Massacre’, Pledges to Fight Islamic Terrorism

13 July 2017 by Jack Montgomery

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have pledged to step up cooperation in the fight against Islamic terrorism and online radicalism.

The pair were holding a joint press conference on the eve of Bastille Day, an important national day marred by a mass-casualty terror attack in the French city of Nice in 2016.

Macron told the assembled reporters he had had a “long discussion” with the U.S. President, ranging over many different security challenges.

“When it comes to fighting terrorism, I can say from day one we have seen eye to eye and we are strongly determined to take any necessary measures to root out terrorism and eradicate it no matter where,” he said, mentioning measures to tackle online propaganda and cyber crime in particular.


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