See how nice the kids play!!!

The Goomba Gazette


Shock as teens arrested for alleged sex assault that thousands watched on Facebook live

Alleged always makes me laugh. These fools video taped themselves. 

In the last few years, there has been a few new things/pastimes added to the list of activities for the poor, neglected, misunderstood kids to keep them occupied with their spare time. Being part of a new modern, lazy, culture and having so much spare-time on their hands, they have to find new things to keep them occupied. Many of them have no idea of what getting a job means or have any intentions of doing so. Like our politicians, work it is their new four letter word. What is the old cliché; we teach by example?

Added to their list of activities to keep them entertained is; kidnapping, sexual assault and video taping the dastardly deed for posterity, wanting their 15 seconds of fame…

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