Fighting The Media Hysteria: Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard Praises Trump

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By Andrew Bolt ~

This anti-Trump hysteria has got to stop. It’s insane and dangerous.  Former Prime Minister John Howard praises Donald Trump, while noted lawyer Alan Dershowitz mocks ludicrous claims of “treason”  and CNN gets owned. Time for the fightback.

Former Prime Minister John Howard says we can trust Donald Trump, who has shown leadership where Barack Obama showed weakness, particularly on Syria but also on North Korea.

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Howard also dismissed the wildly overheated critiques of Trump by the ABC’s Chris Uhlmann and the Australian’s Paul Kelly, both apparently well briefed by Malcolm Turnbull:

Howard defended the US President against recent criticisms, including widespread condemnation by international commentators for the United States’ failure to achieve united international condemnation of North Korea at the weekend’s meeting of the G20 nations.

“The G20 is overwhelmingly an economic gathering,” he said.

And Howard said Trump…

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