Year After the Vote, UK to Unveil First Brexit Bill

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LONDON — A year after Britons voted to leave the European Union, the government is unveiling the first piece of legislation to make it a reality.

On Thursday the government will publish the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, known as the Repeal Bill – and not the Great Repeal Bill, its title when announced several months ago.

The bill aims to convert thousands of pieces of EU law into British statute on the day the U.K. Leaves the bloc in March 2019.

Brexit Secretary David Davis says the legislation will allow Britain to leave the EU with “maximum certainty, continuity and control.”

But the minority Conservative government faces a fight to get the bill through Parliament.

Opposition parties fear the government plans to slip in powers to change laws without scrutiny by lawmakers.


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Brexit: Repeal Bill to be…

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One Response to Year After the Vote, UK to Unveil First Brexit Bill

  1. This was not unexpected.
    The Brexit passage was bound to end up as a bucket of rats poo with all the political fairies trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of democracy, the limp leftists and EU fans doing what they do best i.e. being objectionable, and big business who don’t want to have to work finding new market places.

    The governments choice of having a general election before the main event was also questionable, the poor result because of arrogance and ineptitude with both in-country and world events.

    All in all nothing looks good for us free thinkers.
    Ho hum, SNAFU!


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