Climate Change Australia – Hands Off Our Cars, Warmists

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By Andrew Bolt ~

First our politicians turned electricity into a luxury item. Now they want to make cars too expensive as well.

When will the Turnbull government finally call off this global warming crusade that’s punishing the poor without helping the planet?

It’s had its Infrastructure Department figure ways to make us buy cars that emit less of the gases we’re told heat the world dangerously.

On Monday the department released its plan after 18 months of negotiation: carbon dioxide standards for new cars so tough that no SUVs or cheap cars could pass them.

In fact, the cheapest car that could meet these standards is the Outlander PHEV at $50,000.

Under the plan, dealers could sell cars that emit more than the standard, but only if they offset that by selling more cars that emitted less.

The paper also suggests a carbon tax on cars that emit too…

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