Take A Stand to End Khatna, or Type I Female Genital Cutting

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According to United Nations, at least some 200 million girls in 30 countries around the glove have been subjected to the practice of FGC/M, a ritual that involves cutting away varying degrees of the female genitalia.

The World Health Organisation classifies FGC into four types, depending on how severe the cut is. And for decades, activists, researchers, funders and the media have focused mainly on Types II and III, the most severe forms of genital cutting.

Type I has often been overlooked. This form of FGC involves cutting the clitoral hood, and/or part or all of the clitoris, and it is prevalent in a number of Asian communities, including the Dawoodi Bohras.

Dawoodi Bohra community is a minority Muslim sect found in South Asian region including India, Pakistan and originate their roots from East Africa and Yemen.

Please check out this video produced by Love Matters India and Sahiyo, that…

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