At G20 Summit, Trump Marshalled Support Against North Korea Missile Tests

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July 10, 2017  by  Warren Mass

At G20 Summit, Trump Marshalled Support Against North Korea Missile Tests

Meeting with the leaders of Asian nations on the sidelines of the G20 economic summit at Hamburg, Germany, on July 8, President Trump condemned communist North Korea’s ongoing development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. 

Speaking of his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump said the two leaders were tackling “the problem and menace of North Korea.”

Abe stated that the security situation in the Asia Pacific region has become “increasingly severe” due to North Korea’s efforts to develop its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program. The Japanese leader said he wanted to “demonstrate the robust partnership as well as the bonds” between Japan and the United States on the issue.

“As I look at the current situation, particularly the security environment in the Asia Pacific region, including North Korea, we believe that it has become increasingly severe,” Abe said during his…

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