Tucker Carlson Destroys Antifa Over Fake Hate Crimes And Haymaker Collective

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Published on Jul 10, 2017

“I don’t want to interrupt you, but those are totally made up statistics”

Feminist Ate My gf 

Muslims are a protected class. No one is overtly killing Muslims in America.
the guy 
Go back home if you don’t like our country.
Kat Dollie 
She’s lying on purpose. She’s trying to create something out of nothing. I’m really, really tired of “white men” being put into one group. I have 6 brothers that could do less harm together than this stupid woman.
Richard Novak 
Gym = terrorist training camp
Chris Foxxe 
another dumb bitch afraid to ride the train in Chicago because of a stabbing in Oregon and what the fuck is uni phobia?… I like it when Tucker tears up stupid bitches like this…

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