Islam’s Threat to America


pennine:This brilliant article Of Suthenboy puts things into perspective into what has been apparent to those with eyes to see for quite some time.A symbiosis between factions of the political hard leftist stance/Marxism with the radical forms of Islam.(Some may say the True Islam by the book) Each, though at variance (or you’d think it would be)on the ideological level, in that one is basically atheistic i.e. “religion being the opiate of the people.”And the other is a religion worshipping a deity. Both though have political ambitions, both want to rule the world-materialistically. I often wonder what would happen, if together they achieve this aim.

Oh to be a fly on the wall or a bird in the tree when both fight it out between themselves as to which of them both will be top dog!!


Courtesy of Suthenboy Blog

Islam’s Threat to America

June 12th…

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