Can’t get Trump so now they are going after Jr.!!

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I ask this again.  Is there no end to the anger and insanity of the leftists?  I thought the revelations about CNN contriving the Trump-Russian affair settled the matter but now the NYT has come out with an attack on Donald Trump Jr over his meeting with a Russian lawyer ALLEGEDLY connected to the Kremlin even though that lawyer has come out and said she is NOT connected to the Kremlin nor did she represent Moscow!  Despite all their ongoing efforts to come up with or contrive DIRT on President Trump it is beginning to appear he’s squeaky clean. So instead of dropping the issue the Leftists and their MSM are going after his son Donald Jr.  Why don’t they just give up?  They lost the 2016 election!  It’s o-v-e-r!!  Hillary LOST and even if Trump leaves office at any point she is NOT going to become POTUS so get…

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