Britain’s new aircraft carriers ‘vulnerable to cheap long-range Russian and Chinese missiles’

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  • Think-tank found defence projects are at risk from potential UK enemies
  • Cheap missiles could disable new HMS Queen Elizabeth, the report claims 
  • Study said UK defences ‘vulnerable to low-cost, technology-rich weapons’

Britain’s new £6.2billion aircraft carriers are vulnerable to relatively cheap long-range Russian and Chinese missiles, a report has revealed.

Multibillion-pound defence projects are at risk from technological advances by potential enemies of the UK, the think-tank study found.

Missiles costing less than £500,000 each could ‘at least disable’ Britain’s new £3.1billion HMS Queen Elizabeth, it claimed.

The report noted: ‘Key Western military assets had become vulnerable to targeting and disruption and destruction by long-range precision missiles to a degree that had hitherto been unthinkable.’

 It warns the Government has focused more on offensive systems over protective capabilities.

‘There has been a growing…

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