New Investigation Into Loretta Lynch Takes Shocking Turn When Senate Discovers What She’s Been Hiding Entire Time

Lock her up!

Give Me Liberty

H/T Freedom Daily.

I hope Loretta Lynch, Slick Willie, BathhouseBarry and Hildabeast get locked up.

The Obama administration was never a presidential administration, it was a crime syndicate!

The former Obama administration Attorney General and racist attack dog, Loretta Lynch, testified last year as to how she came to the partisan decision to not prosecute then Democrat candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified emails when she was Secretary of State. Although she said under oath that she never spoke to anyone on the Clinton team she conveniently forgot to mention her so-called chance meeting with former President Bill “sexual predator” Clinton on the tarmac of the Pheonix airport. Bill Clinton didn’t earn the nickname “Slick Willie” for nothing when he was Governor of Arkansas.

What makes matters worse for Lynch is that now the House Committee is investigating her conduct after ousted FBI Director James Comey publicly, and…

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