Electrical Power Australia – Check Your Power Bill: Politicians Have Ripped You Off

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By Andrew Bolt ~

See your electricity bill soar 20 per cent this month? That’s proof you’ve been conned by politicians flogging mad global warming schemes.

Let me remind you of what Kevin Rudd, one of the biggest of these shysters, told you a decade ago.

Back then, this soon-to-be prime minister was already spruiking Labor’s plan to force you off cheap coal-fired electricity and onto expensive wind and solar power.

We had to halve our carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 to stop the world heating too much, Rudd claimed.

And here is what he told you this would cost over the next 45 years: “In the vicinity of $45 per person over that period of time or something like $1 per person per year.”

Now look at your electricity bill after this latest price hike, on top of all the others as both Labor and the Liberals went global…

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