American World War 2 Medal Of Honor Recipient Became Commandant Of The Marine Corps

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R.I.P.General Louis H.Wilson Jr. February 11, 1920, June 21, 2005.

There have been a few Commandants who had been recipients of the Medal of Honor, but Louis H. Wilson was the last.  And given that the entire ranks of the modern Marine Corps are currently devoid of any officers with the nation’s highest military honor it could be quite some time before the world would ever see it again.  His tenure as the nation’s top Marine from 1975 to 1979 would be one of remarkable transition.

The World War II generation had all but faded out, and the Commandant who followed him would, in fact, be the last World War II veteran to serve in that position. The nation had wound down from the war in Vietnam, and the Marine Corps was subsequently struggling to reorganize and refit for a new generation.

Who better to lead them…

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