Qatar, Saudi and Gulf Nations Dispute: “We believe that this could potentially drag on for weeks. It could drag on for months.”

Peace and Freedom

Image result for Qatar, photosDOHA (AFP) – More than a month since the start of the diplomatic crisis gripping the Gulf, hopes of a swift resolution seem as remote as a summer downpour in the desert.

Both sides — the group of Saudi-led allies against Qatar — seem as entrenched in their positions as ever and as unlikely to find a face-saving solution for all as at any time since the conflict erupted on June 5.

“I think that this crisis has a way to go still,” said Kristian Ulrichsen, a Gulf analyst with the Baker Institute at the US-based Rice University.

He is not alone.

A weary US State Department this week signalled its belief that the row — which has seen Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt sever ties with Qatar over claims it supports Islamist extremists — will rumble on, at best, for some time.

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Saudi King Salman bin…

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