Liberals Are Out-Of-Touch, Arrogant, Smug And Intolerant

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We’ve been arguing for some time that if you want to find intolerance, extremism, hate and bigotry in this country, it’s thriving on the left. The past week provides several bits of fresh evidence of this.

First, there’s the ABC News/Washington Post poll published last week that found just 28% think the Democratic Party is “in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States today.” Even among Democrats, only slightly more than half (52%) think the party is in touch with people in the country.

……it’s a shocking finding, given that Democrats have spent decades portraying Republicans as out-of-touch extremists who only care about the rich. Or, as newly appointed DNC chairman Tom Perez put it, Republicans “don’t give a sh– about people.”

The New York Times fretted in an editorial that “for the first time in memory, Democrats are seen as more out of…

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