In Poland, Trump Defends Western Civilization and Freedom

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July 7, 2017 by Alex Newman

Speaking in front of an adoring crowd in Warsaw, Poland, President Donald Trump offered a vigorous defense of Western civilization, the nation-state, borders, freedom, and Christendom. He pointed to a number of forces that threatened to undermine those key values and ideas, ranging from lawless government bureaucracy and a loss of confidence in Western civilization to Islamic extremism and open borders. While his rousing speech inspired patriots and liberty lovers around the world, a crucial threat to what remains of the free world — globalism and the forces behind it — was never specifically mentioned. But outside of the increasingly fringe “fake news” media, Trump’s historic July 6 speech was well received across Poland and America. 

Highlighting various threats to freedom and the West, Trump even asked whether the West still had “the will to survive,” calling that the “fundamental question of our…

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