EU-Norway crab row could fuel oil tensions in Arctic

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© AFP/File / by Pierre-Henry DESHAYES | An Arctic battle between the European Union and Norway about snow crabs around Svalbard is really about claiming access to oil, experts say

OSLO (AFP) – On the face of it, a relentless battle between the European Union and Norway in a remote part of the Arctic is about snow crabs.

But the real fight may go beyond who gets to catch the modest crustaceans around Svalbard, a unique Norwegian archipelago in the Barents Sea.

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Svalbard archipelago is located well above the arctic circle and separated from the Eurasian mainland

What is really at stake is oil, some experts say, and a coming race for the commodity of which there is a lot in the polar region.

“No country wants to give up resources without receiving anything in return. That is the principle here too,” Norwegian Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg tells AFP.


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