VIDEO Wisconsin Advances Bill to Suspend or Expel Students who Disrupt College Speakers

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Too bad the students aren’t just taught to respect the Constitution.

According to the Washington Post, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill which states that student protesters who disrupt Constitutionally protected speech “in the UW system could be suspended or even expelled if they repeatedly disrupt campus speakers they disagree with.” This sort of activity has already happened at the University of Wisconsin:

Conservative media commentator Ben Shapiro was just a few minutes into a lecture at the University of Wisconsin last fall when more than a dozen student protesters rose from the audience and began chanting “shame!” and “safety!” in hopes of drowning him out.

Some of the protesters made their way to the front of the room and stood in front of Shapiro, a former Breitbart News editor who was giving a speech titled “Dismantling Safe Spaces,” as the university’s independent student newspaper reported at the time. Eventually, campus police arrived and…

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