Theresa May says she will stay Prime Minister for entire Brexit negotiations

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The Prime Minister gave no hint as to whether she might quit

By Jon Stone Hamburg

 The Independent

Theresa May has pledged to stay Prime Minister for the entirety of the two-year Brexit negotiating process – facing down her critics who say she should quit after a weak election result that saw her lose the majority won by David Cameron and blow a 20-point poll lead.

Asked during a visit to Hamburg for the G20 whether those sitting around the table expected her to be in place as leader in two years time, the Prime Minister said:

“Yes. We will be playing our absolutely full part and I’ll be playing my full part and the issues that we are discussing are important.”

Having triggered article 50 at the start of this year Ms May has just under two years to complete the secession process from the European Union. She gave no…

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