EPA Sent A Man To Prison For Protecting Town From Flooding

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A stream of water trickles on the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose

June 30, 2017 by Bryan Fischer

President Trump’s administration is moving forward to implement an executive order that revokes the Obama policy on waters of the United States. The EPAand the Army Corps of Engineers are proposing a rule to rescind the Clean Water Rule regulation established by President Obama.

The Obama-era policy gives the federal government authority over a staggering 60% of the water bodies in the United States, including small streams, private ponds, intermittent streams, and even “wetlands” on private property created by seasonal rain.

The president intends to return to a policy consistent with the original Clean Water Act of 1972 and grant authority only to federal authorities over actual navigable waters that affect interstate commerce. Montana senator Steve Daines put it this way: “Out-of-state D.C. bureaucrats shouldn’t impose regulations that hurt Montana farmers, ranchers and landowners.”

The story below is just one among many that illustrates…

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